Naapbooks Vs Zoho




Integrated Inventory

Yes, Whole movement of Inventory can be tracked with few clicks.

No, But it has separate Inventory module.

Automated Taxation

Yes, No Need to add tax % and amount again and again. Based on inventory units and HSN.

No, Have to Maintain Manual Taxation, on each and every Entry.


Yes, SAAS as well as Enterprise (Offline) Version available.

No, Only Online SAAS based Model.

Expense Tracking

Yes, Every expense can be tracked trough a separate voucher and proofs can be uploaded with the vouchers. Employee wise tracking is also available.

Yes available but have a separate module and have to be purchased separately

Payroll Automation

Yes, for as many employees as you like. Can be integrated with access control devices and all statutory reports can be generated from the system itself.

Yes available but have a separate module and have to be purchased separately


Yes, we work on motto of you say we do, Easy. Customization is possible for all your legitimate requirements.

No customization available.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes, Given on face of the Dashboard.

No keyboard shortcuts available.

Automatic Calculation of Depreciation

Yes, Automated Report are Generated from the system depending upon the laws applicable.

No such reports are generated, manual journal vouchers have to put in for Depreciation.

One Click GST Filing

Yes, Our users can file their GST returns just by one click.

No, such provision.

Real time Advisor Access

Yes, Advisors can have real-time access to the accounting information to advise and guide the company as soon as there is any accounting flaw.

No, such Access.

Online Auditing

Yes, gone are the days when the auditors use paper and pen for auditing now they can audit with certifying the vouchers and their uploaded supporting, through our E-Auditing feature.

No, such provision.

Group Reporting

Yes, Group Reporting can be started by adding a group company and all the reports can be viewed in sync.

No, such provision.

Delaer Automation

Yes, We have fully customized dealer and distributor module.

No, such provision.

Automated Notification

Yes, all the activities of business are provided through notification.(payments, P.O., S.O., Sales, Purchases, Receipts, Log on Details, etc.,)

Yes, but limited notification.

Payment Reminders and Collection

Yes, Payment automatic payment reminders and collection through payment gateway as well direct banking collection through IDFC is possible.

Yes, but limited to Bill sending and payment collection.

E-Commerce Integration

Yes, we are planning for all e commerce syncing through naapbooks.

No such provision.

Working Capital Estimation

Yes, We are planning AI for working capital estimation for transaction, which can Directly Integrate the accounts and prepare future requirements based on past data and future orders.

No such provision.


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