History of Company - Naapbooks

Our History

History of Company - Naapbooks

In early 2015, Three friends - Mr. Ashish Jain, Mr. Abhishek Jain, and Mr. Yaman Saluja from different fields (IT, Accounting & Marketing) were sitting together and thinking of doing something new, Mr. Abhishek Jain who was a rank holder chartered accountant observed that there were some problems with the existing Accounting system, and Mr. Ashish Jain who had a cumulative work experience of 9+ years in the field of IT, agreed with his brother Mr. Abhishek on the idea of developing something to overcome the issues of the existing Accounting system.


From 2015 to 2017, they worked strenuously towards developing a better accounting application and after their great endeavors, they were able to develop the abstract system. It was a basic application and there were in total of 3 persons who were coding for this application. Then this application went into beta testing mode by the end of December 2017. Now the system was up and ready.

The Company

Located near Law Garden, Ahmedabad, our resilient and talented team of more than 50 developers are daily aspiring to make our products and services well cured and superior. Our Partner company ProEx Advisors LLP consults in the field of Marketing, Accounting and Management, bringing in the valuable collateral experience as well.

We are proud to have delivered on the expectations of our clients by completing the projects like that of E-Auction, Cloud based Accounting System, Price Management and Ordering system, Aadhar based Digital Payment Solution, SolarMart, etc. and we continue to toil to stay ahead and keep updating the finesse and vividness of our offerings.

The company - Naapbooks

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Mission :

To provide the best IT solutions encompassing the complete scope and scale of client requirements to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness. To be the first in the Fintech industry to update technology, empower talent and further growth with passion and humbleness.

Vision :

To be the epitome of trust and reliability in being at the zenith of IT ventures in Fintech Industry and becoming the most recognizable and preferred brand creating and nurturing path breaking innovations that are simple and elegant.