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NBPL is known for its niche in the domain of IT, harnessing computing technology to strengthen enterprise and optimise their operations by streamlining their data and providing insightful analytics. Since the inception of the company, founding team recognized that it will be automation in digital arena which shapes the future of IT and business operations. Taking inspiration from some of the influential tech and business minds, we constantly challenge to create what others believe a distant possibility. We believe that Human mind is made for shaping innovation and creating value by empowering our generation with smart systems that can clear the resources from routine and unnecessary work flows.

Our Services

Blockchain Application

Blockchain Technology has been the talk of the tech town lately. The cryptography based technology functions as a distributed ledger that is heavily secured due to its attributes of peer to peer verification and authentication. We are working towards leveraging this technology to apply it in real world situations where a secured list of transactions is required.

Embedded (IoT) Applications

We are extremely interested in making the physical entities connected with each other and the virtual world. Hence, we have delved in the field of Embedded Applications i.e Internet of Things. Through this practice we hope to gather data from physical objects and actions in order to optimize them for maximum process efficiency in our daily lives.

Fintech Applications

Our company is proud to be associated with well qualified and accomplished professionals in the field of Finance. Combining our IT and Finance expertise, we have successfully created Fintech applications that have improved finance related business operations significantly for our clients.

Web Applications

Web development is an intricate process involving hosting an application program on a remote server. A good web application is one that loads rapidly, updates regularly, has an appealing user interface and a lucid user experience. We have a number of skilled team members who create the efficient, easy to use web applications that load quickly and are overall satisfying to use on a regular basis.

Mobile Applications

A presence in the smartphone-based App Ecosystem is essential for modern businesses to grow in the marketplace. We recognise that the process of mobile app development needs creativity, skills, and viability altogether. Whether it it iOS, or Android app development, the essential key to success is to have a focused strategy during app design & development method. We work closely with our clients to create a tailor-made app experience that is effective for our clients and effortless for their consumers.

Cloud Consulting

To optimize business operations and stay competitive in the marketplace, companies are incorporating Cloud computing into their framework. Enterprises have started to prefer a multiple platform cloud strategy to get the best out of public clouds to run their business efficiently. We can help create an effective cloud adoption strategy for organisations that aligns with their business goals while meeting the compliance standards. .



Impact of GST on BPO and KPO Sector

BPO and KPO sector which comes under ITES is one of the fastest growing industries in India. India has more than 50% global market share in this sector. All the major towns like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad have become beacons of BPO/KPO sector. While the impact of GST in other sectors is...


Composition scheme is a simple and easy scheme for small traders and business in GST. Amitbhai Patel, a small-time trader in Madhupura Market of Ahmedabad. His business turnover was 48.37 lakhs last year and due to demonetization, he doesn’t expect his turnover for this financial year to be more than 55 lakhs. He deals with numerous traders and...


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