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About NBL

Naapbooks is a FinTech company that is technologically driven with an all-encompassing experience of seven years in the IT industry. We offer finance consultancy and software support services. Our energy is channeled into envisioning novel innovations such as mobile banking and cloud-based management software. We examine any existing obstacles and develop viable solutions using technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create new FinTech business models that promote growth and deliver success.


To empower businesses to reach their peak with our practical financial advisory as well as innovative technological solutions that are competent and manageable.


To expand every customer’s experience with technology and create a strong legacy of our company to build a loyal following. We aim to become the epitome of trust and reliability, attaining the zenith of IT ventures in the Fintech Industry.

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Our Products

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management – To aid you to manage your leads, contracts, customer feedbacks, sales campaigns and analytics.
  • Ordering – To keep a record of your orders; from Inventory Planning, Agent Management to Sales Forecasting.
  • Invoicing and Receipt Management – EZEO will help you in Sales Invoicing, Overdue Management, API Integration, etc.
  • Expense and Payment Management – You will be able to effectively manage Cash Expenses, Credit Ex…
Product Details

Would you rather make your visitors feel burdened by making them wait? Or choose VizMan for a stress-free experience? VizMan is an automated visitor management system that works for any industries not limited to factories, societies, government institutes, and warehouses. A new age contactless way of logging information of visitors, employees, packages, and vehicles. VizMan is a digital logbook so it deters unnecessary…

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eVoting is an online platform that empowers stakeholders to vote from smartphones, tablets and computers. Online voting is helpful in many ways -

  • eVoting reduces the use of paper voters are sent notices and reminders in emails and SMS and voters don't require paper ballots to cast their votes
  • The ability to vote digitally increases participation because being physically absent for any reason is not a…
Product Details

EnCash will aid you to extend your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and Get better suppliers credit management. It will also Optimize working capital with early payment discounts along with providing Real-time visibility on cash flow management.

Product Details

eAuction offers listing assets and services. This aids in recovering the amount when there is insolvency or in case of non-performing loan accounts. It enables NPA auctions conducted by banks and other monetary institutions who have lent financial services to the default borrowers. As per SARFAESI and DRT the lenders have the authority to possess and au…

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iPing is an enterprise communication system. It integrates several communication tools that are used in your enterprise in a single software. It is designed to enhance communication amongst colleagues. Chatting, a form of communication, is not limited to text messaging anymore. Along with words there is other information shared as we…

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Act is a project management system that allows an establishments to work on projects efficiently by methodically delegating, deliberating, and documenting the progress of the projects. ACT aids in keeping a check on details of numerous phases of the project from the beginning till the end. ACT is a single platform where you …

Product Details
  • Connected Party Member Database
  • Grey List/Restricted Security Database
  • Pre-Clearance Request/Approval
  • Trading Window
  • Trade Request Validation
  • Post-trading Update
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We Endeavour to Bring Valuable Change for Our Clients

Since its inception, Naapbooks has espoused an innovation focused approach. It is what has led us to create multiple pr…


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Fintech App & Software Development

As a Fintech company, Naapbooks provides financial services to various…

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Cloud Based Computing Services

Cloud computing can also be thought of as utility computing…

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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is a digital archive of transactions with information spread…

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development services enable industries and establishments to create…

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IoT App Development

Naapbooks helps in the development of web and apps based…

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Web Application Development

We provide you with well-designed web app development that is…

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