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Enterprise Communication Solution


An Enterprise Communication Solution

    Not a day goes by when the phones, even on days when you wish to be the least social human being, don't light up with message notifications. Whether for personal or professional reasons, it is now extremely easy for people to stay updated. iPing takes “staying updated” to the next level.

iPing – Enterprise Communication System

    iPing is an enterprise communication system. It integrates several communication tools that are used in your enterprise in a single software. It is designed to enhance communication amongst colleagues. Chatting, a form of communication, is not limited to text messaging anymore. Along with words there is other information shared as well. For example, sending pictures and sharing documents for reference or to get an opinion. This form of communication is now a part of all of our lives. But with so much information being passed around the question of security keeps popping up in our minds. iPing has been created with the aim to provide a multifunctional communication tool with utmost safety and security.

iPing Application
iPing Features


    • Private Data Structure – it ensures that data is not accessible to everyone preventing manipulation
    • Multi Device Compatibility – user friendly framework makes it convenient for the user to communicate from any device available to them
    • Share Files Conveniently– No need to worry about carrying multiple devices. If you can access your files on any device then you can share it easily from any location.
    • Unlimited message history – keep records of all your messages without any fear of losing old messages
    • Vendor collaboration – you can not only chat with the employees in your establishment but also with vendors associated with your establishments
    • Self-hosting and API delivery options – enhance the software and control your data by setting up a server and networking as per your requirements

Cloud-hosted Enterprising Communication System

    Setting up iPing is simpler because it’s entirely a cloud-hosted enterprising communication system. It is a multifunctional system that doesn’t require a complex mix of on-premise supplies and cloud service carriers to be functional. Since iPing is entirely a cloud-based software it is flexible to the size of your entity and can be customised to your needs. iPing’s focus being more on its software rather than on hardware makes it a cost-efficient communication tool. Because iPing doesn’t require a particular set of hardware it can be used by authorised users from any location to access their data. With time, demands change and keeping up with those demands becomes a necessity. iPing can get quick updates as the emphasis is on the software rather than on hardware. These advantages make a cloud-hosted enterprising communication system a progressive option than an on-premise communication system.

iPing Enterprising System
iPing Benefits


    • Well-suited for Corporates, Manufacturers, BFSI, IT companies, Accounting Firms
    • Improves productivity
    • Solidifies teamwork
    • Breaks down information silos
    • Integration of other systems
    • Establishes an online workplace
    • Enhances networking
    • Accessible to employees working remotely
    • Cost effective compared to traditional telecommunications
    • Requires minimum supervision and upkeep

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All security check items were passed in a server vulnerability test. The server, application, and database is sure to boost reliability.

Yes. iPing enables users to view a variety of file types using one viewer, including Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The system can be operated in any city, state and country. Wherever the Internet is available.


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