Companies E-voting Amendment Rules (Management and Management)

Company shareholders are free to express their assent or dissent over any decisions that require their approval by voting. It is not possible for participants to be present at each meeting physically. Imagine if a shareholder is in Mumbai and the meeting venue is at Panipat then how much will it cost? Not just in terms of money but also the cost of time. 

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The History of Computer Technology – Part 1

We are living in a world which breathes on technology. In the last 2 decades we are a living witness of how technology has reached from a specific sector’s work to our everyday life work. Today we will be sharing out information regarding one of the oldest and the base of modern technology: Computer Technology.

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What are the graphic design trends for 2020?

Designing Trends change every year constantly, we see designers are always looking and trying to do something new each day which makes each layout different from another, and in our ProEx it is termed as “WOW ELEMENT” in the layout or web. But as we say that there are some old roots of design which never fades away and without them a layout or website is incomplete.

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What are the Terminologies used for Blockchain Identity Management Schemes?

Specialized terminology is used for blockchain-based identity management schemes. Unfortunately, the terminology is not always consistent among the various projects and standards. Further complicating matters is that some domain-specific terms are related to identity management in general while others are specific to blockchain identity management.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin sounds similar right? You are thinking right, these are trending cryptocurrencies. In Fact, there are 1000 different coins and tokens in the market that are based on cryptocurrency. As per Wikipedia, the number as on 12 July 2021, 1,384 cryptocurrencies are in use worldwide.

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