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Blockchain is a digital archive of transactions with information spread out across the entire network of computers connected to the blockchain. The records cannot be modified without the consensus of all the computers. Blockchain is a pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) system of recording information that makes it extremely hard to be hacked. There are 4 key types of blockchain apps: -

  • Permissionless blockchain (public) – any participant on the network can access the information on any device
  • Permissioned blockchain (private) – It limits the amount of information that can be accessed only by the authorized members.
  • Hybrid blockchain – Hybrid blockchain allows creating a private system together with a public system.
  • Consortium blockchain – is similar to Hybrid type except in Consortium blockchain only a validator node can initiate, receive and validate transactions.
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Blockchain solutions
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Uses of Blockchain App

Our blockchain development services can help you meet your requirements for a variety of industries –

  • Banking and Finance

Through blockchain we can eliminate costly and laborious charges like transfer fees. Even issues that come with sending money abroad like exchange rates and other latent charges can be easily removed through a P2P system that offers absolute security with minimal costs. The transfers are quick, not limited by location and without any third-party interference.

  • Cyber Security

Blockchain uses cryptographic algorithms to verify and encrypt every bit of information forming a decentralized system of network. It is extremely difficult to hack and attack a system that works on P2P setup. P2P connections instantly detect any unauthorized access preventing them from manipulating the data.

  • Supply Chain Management

One of the features of blockchain is its high traceability. This will help in keeping track of any product from the beginning till the end. Supply chain management becomes easier with blockchain due to its transparency allowing a more open communication between various departments. A decentralized digital ledger benefitting supply chain management by keeping records of inventories, histories, accounts, etc. These records can be authenticated by all the supply chain associates in the supply chain management system.

  • Healthcare

Blockchain helps in creating a transparent yet secured system where all the private and personal information is stored. This will enable different departments and establishments under healthcare to connect. As blockchain enables decentralized authority it becomes easy for the patients, doctors as well as the administrators to get access to necessary information while maintaining the integrity and security of the data.

  • Government

Blockchain generates a transparent ledger which can only be accessed only by the authorized parties. This ensures the government along with the citizens that the information cannot be corrupted without the approval of every authorized user on the blockchain network. It also helps keeping data precise and updated, because every new information is added without disrupting the old data.

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Blockchain development involves creating decentralized and secure digital ledgers for recording transactions. It's crucial for businesses because it enhances transparency, security, and efficiency in various processes.

Naapbooks offers a range of blockchain solutions, including custom blockchain development, smart contract development, decentralized application (dApp) development, and integration of blockchain technology into existing systems.

Blockchain can streamline processes, reduce fraud, increase transparency, and enable secure peer-to-peer transactions. It's especially valuable for industries like supply chain, finance, healthcare, and more.

A smart contract is a self-executing code that automates contract execution. Naapbooks can help design, develop, and deploy smart contracts that facilitate automated and secure interactions within your business processes.

Yes, NBL has expertise in developing both public (open to everyone) and private (restricted access) blockchains, depending on your business requirements.

Absolutely, NBL can assess your current systems and seamlessly integrate blockchain technology, ensuring minimal disruption while enhancing security and efficiency.

Yes, blockchain solutions can be designed to scale as your business expands. NBL's developers ensure that the solutions they create are adaptable and can handle increased transaction volumes.

The development timeline varies based on the complexity of the project. Our team will provide you with a detailed project plan and timeline during the initial consultation.


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