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ACT Time Tracking



    Assigning tasks is easy. Create and allot tasks to the members of the establishment directly and clearly without any mix-up. Collaborating is now convenient. Share files and chat with the entire team or specific member of the team working on the project. Tracking becomes systematic. Check the status of the projects, if it’s pending or completed.

A.C.T - Task Management System

    Act is a project management system that allows an establishments to work on projects efficiently by methodically delegating, deliberating, and documenting the progress of the projects. ACT aids in keeping a check on details of numerous phases of the project from the beginning till the end. ACT is a single platform where you can make and save notes and lists of things to do or make changes to them. The members of the project get notified the moment task is assigned to them or if any modifications are done. ACT is an efficient management tool as it enables setting priorities to tasks and promoting time management which encourages completion of work with desired result. Working efficiently is not a task anymore.

ACT Task Management System
ACT- Multi-layered Software

Multi-layered Software Architecture

    • Three management modules – Assign, Collaborate and Track have further sub modules:- Like project and task creation, completion or pausing, managing documents like sharing files and commenting on them, audio and video conferencing and chatting with the group or individual members for the entire project or a specific task, coordinate and evaluate with clients, track time taken for tasks and project.
    • Smooth Integration – software like Grammarly Integration, HRMS Integration, CRM Integration with Client Access Management and Document Manager and Feedback Manager, Genie Integration for billing and contract management can integrate without any issue.


    • Project leader delegates tasks to the team
    • Team members submit their tasks
    • Members of the team can discuss their project
    • Evaluate the progress of the project at any stage
    • Gets updated when changes are made the task is paused or has ended
ACT Process
ACT Features


    • Project Evaluation - examine the overall or detailed progress of projects
    • Employee Performance Evaluation - track the progress of the employee and give feedbacks
    • Authorization Mechanism - Separate user roles have separate levels of access services, data, and features 
    • Task Review System - analyze particulars of tasks and projects at various stages
    • Notifications by email and SMS - Members are alerted about any changes that take place

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You can use a simple to-do list or a spreadsheet, or the complete ACT system that gives you control over all the tasks involved in the entire project.

No, there are no such limits. You can create and manage as many users, tasks, or other entries as you wish.

You can add and remove any number of team members from an assigned task, projects, and organizations using respective sections.


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